Ah, sweet sweet Instagram…

 Hi babe!

Are you looking for guidance on creating content for Instagram, planning your posts and establishing a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing IG feed?!

Are you hoping to create a system for how to use this app and beautiful tool to generate more business while not allowing it to completely take over your life?!

I’d love to guide you in a direction where you can more easily understand the different options IG has to offer, (ie. stories and IG TV!) while looking GOOD doing it :)


Instagram Content Creation

- Photography packages

- Instagram layout design

- IG Story aesthetic and techniques

- IG TV purpose and confidence boost!

- Brand aesthetic

- In person or phone call


What about IG overwhelms you?

- Not enough followers

- Afraid to show YOUR face (ahh!!!)

- Don’t know what to post about…

- Too many ideas!!!

- Can’t keep up with competitors

- Lacking confidence because there are SO many beautiful IG feeds and you feel like you could never look that good

- Don’t know why IG could even be helpful in the first place

- Don’t even know where to start!

Micayla is able to get you into a space of full self-love, self-confidence, and safety. And then she captures you in that exact moment where you are, as you are. Thanks to her, I’ve gotten over a dread of being in front of the camera. Now I love it!
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How do you feel?

I find that to be one of the most important questions to ask clients, as the way we FEEL is a direct influence of what our soul is yearning to create.


Let’s connect & turn that IG feed into a foundation of brilliant connection and growth! :)

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