About Me!


Ah hi!!! 

I'm so happy you are here!

I'm Micayla Jean and I want to meet ya :)

The photos above are a small glimpse into my ordinary life.

I freaking love to travel. Mostly to meet new people, see stuff I've never seen before, and most importantly to get that feeling in the pit of my stomach that makes me feel as though this insane world is just so much more than we will ever know. When I was 24 I was living in Colorado and made a goal to see all 50 states before my 25th birthday. I packed up my Jeep, sold pretty much everything I owned, threw a mattress pad in the back and hit the road running. I ended up in Alaska, the last of my 50 states, 3 days before my 25th birthday. Today, that is one of the top three best decisions I ever made in my life. Right after quitting my job to hop in an RV with a boy from New Zealand and travel across the country. Oh annnnd discovering Columbia Valley cabernets.

When I was 25, I decided to move to Australia for a year. In between seeing the 50 states and leaving for AUS, I was back in my hometown for a few months, where I unexpectedly fell in love with my childhood neighbor. A month into my solo move to Australia, I woke up on an island in Indonesia at 2 AM and had an epiphany. Photography was calling and it was time to go back home to New England and start Micayla Jean Photography. Instead of hopping on my flight o Malaysia the next morning, I hopped on a flight back to Boston, and I have no regrets to this day.

I currently live on the New Hampshire/Maine Seacoast but I travel often, not only for work but for that feeling I get in my stomach that makes me feel as though this insane world is just so much more than we will ever know. 

Destination weddings, elopements and couples are my jam.

When I'm just living my ordinary life, you can find me spending too much time thinking and making lists, at yoga, drinking Columbia Valley Cabernets or wearing at least one article of my boyfriend's clothing. 

That's enough about me. What about you! 

Let's connect.

PS my best quality is being relatable, and that's probably the only thing in life I'm super confident about. Let's chat!