Micayla Jean
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Writer, photographer, speaker and mentor

Micayla Jean is a mentor for women who are ready to cultivate their dream life and step in full force. She believes it’s something we are all wildly capable of. Through meditation, intuition, manifestation, writing and empowerment photography she holds space for women to feel seen, heard and like their dreams are becoming their reality. 


“Micayla makes everyone feel special and loved. She genuinely cares about her clients and I believe she sees them as friends more than ‘clients’. By allowing herself to be vulnerable and authentic she gave me permission to be myself!”

I attended one of Micayla’s Vulnerability Workshops and I have to say it was truly a magical experience. Micayla is such a beautiful human, inside & out. Her ability to hold space for others & help others see their innate beauty is truly a gift. I went into the workshop feeling anxious and left the workshop feeling loved, connected, beautiful, seen, heard and accepted. Micayla also took some photos of us at the workshop & they were incredible! Its amazing to have pictures that take me right back to that special evening! I highly recommend connecting with Micayla, whether it be for a photoshoot, mentorship, workshop or anything else she is offering :)
I love everything you’re doing. You’re a trailblazer in this life & it’s more than commendable.