Hi there, beautiful human!

I'm Micayla Jean.

New England Based/Destination ready, photographer for the Nostalgic, Creative and IN LOVE.


I'm a black coffee, big feet, chicken soup, always cold, need an extra blanket, gimme another glass of that Columbia Valley Cabernet, steal my boyfriend's flannels kind of gal. 


If you wanna know more...


After graduating from college with a nutrition degree I bought a car, fled the east coast and decided to call a little ski town in Colorado my home for the next few years. I started a travel blog, hopped in RVs and travelled with strangers, made amazing friends, got really good at skiing, injured myself a few times, laughed a lot, also cried, and I never wanted to leave...but something was missing sooo after a few years I decided to sell almost everything I owned, hop back in my jeep, see all 50 states before my 25th birthday and move to Australia.

After setting foot in my last state (Alaska) two days before my 25th I went home for a few months before heading to AUS, and well while I was home I accidentally fell in love with my childhood neighbor. I left for "the greatest adventure of my life" without him, but a month into my new life I decided something was calling me back to my hometown in New England. (I swear he's really that cute). But seriously, I woke up on an island in Indonesia at 2 AM and had an epiphany that I was supposed to start my photography business and go back "home". So, instead of hopping on my flight to Malaysia the next morning I put myself on a flight back to Boston, started Micayla Jean Photography and I haven't looked back yet. 


Think we'd make a good match? 

Shoot me an emailDM me on insta or find me on facebook. Let's grab a coffee and learn a thing or two about one another!