Micayla Jean is an intimate, adventurous and intuitive elopement, wedding and couples photographer, located on the Seacoast of New England, but always destination ready.

Her photography style is candid, natural and worldly.

Her ideal clients are annoyingly in love, touchy-feely, *a little moody and desire photography as a from of art, connection and a forever form of capturing moments for memories.

She is a writer, vulnerability mentor, a connector in her community and a forever student of the world + universe.

The foundation of Micayla Jean Photography is “If you saw yourself the way the rest of the world saw you, you’d be astounded by your own beauty”.

Micayla is a podcaster, workshop host, speaker, traveler and lover of black coffee + painting + energy healing + Maggie Rogers. Her favorite song currently is “Truly Madly Deeply” by Yoke Lore.

If you want to work with somebody who is forever practicing gratitude, vulnerability and constantly in a place of inspiring others, MJ is your girl.