I’d always been a girl who figured out how to turn my dreams into my reality. Now, I’m a woman who dreams bigger and helps others do the same.

Do you believe there is a version of yourself waiting to be seen by the rest of the world?


I did. 


I knew there was a version of myself that I so deeply wanted to step into, but I was having a really hard time doing so. 


What held me back? 


Fear of actually being SEEN for who I was

I didn’t feel worthy

I felt conceited for actually taking time to better myself and share with others the magic I was learning and experiencing

I thought I had to uphold an image I’d created. If I changed, I thought that people would question my authenticity and ability, and lose respect for me


The truth is…

Nobody cared about any of that. Rather, people became more accepting and respecting of me when I began sharing my experiences and living my truth as I followed my intuitive pings. As I began living my truth, life began to feel easier and I began attracting relationships that lifted me up as opposed to ones that wore me out. I began attracting more abundance into my life, and the things I desired began simply showing up as opposed to me trying to force them into existence. 

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Are you ready to work with a mentor who will help dissolve your fears and hold space for you to understand how these fears are actually your greatest strengths—your solutions for alignment and a liberating life of divine and magical timing? 


Are you ready to experience what it’s like to live a life of calm confidence and trust?


Are you ready to attract the things you want most in this lifetime?


Are you ready to live from an open-heart space? 


Are you ready to dream big and truly allow those dreams to become your reality? 


If you believe it is time for you to finally step into the version of yourself that you’ve always known existed, set up your free 60-minute “intro to mentoring” call with Micayla Jean. :)


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Do you find yourself…


-      Numbing with social media?

-      Avoiding challenging conversations because you “don’t have time” or are afraid of the outcome?

-      Avoiding sitting with challenging emotions because “gratitude” and “peace + love” feel easier…

-      Hating your job but feeling trapped in it?

-      Reliving painful patterns in your relationships?

-      Short on patience…

-      Seeing your dreams unfold in your mind, but terrified and unsure as to how to bring them to fruition?

-      Totally convinced nobody is going to understand or support your wild dreams?

-      Believing there has to be more to this life but totally confused about what it is?

-      Not having enough time to do the things that bring you joy…or not knowing what brings you joy anymore?

-      Dreaming of liberation but not sure how to make it your reality?

-      Struggling to find what alignment feels like for you?


I get it. I know all of those feelings, and more. I know how stagnant those spaces can feel. I know how unworthy those spaces can feel. I know what it’s like to want to hide, run, scream, cry and just give up. However, I also know how wildly possible it is to feel free and like each day is full of magic, freedom, confidence and trust. 


The version of yourself you know exists is ready for you. She is ready to be seen. She is ready for this new liberating and expansive chapter of your life to begin. 

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You can live in a state of calm confidence.

You can experience magical divine timing.

You can feel wildly grateful for your life.


When I learned to trust what my heart was telling me, I leaned into my creativity and began breathing intentionally into each arriving moment of possibility, I found myself feeling lighter, more productive and as if all the things I dreamed of actually began becoming my reality. 

I think of your quote every day when I look in the mirror. It’s been a long time coming but I stood up for myself and recognized my worth in my relationship.

Finding alignment and stepping into your self worth might actually be way less work than you think. 

I’m ready to be your cheerleader. I’m ready to hold space for you to evolve. As we go through this journey together we are a team and I look forward to cultivating your dream life with you!


Not ready to hop on a call? Totally fine! (although I think we will have fun chatting!) drop me an email below, tell me a little about yourself or ask me any questions you may have—I look forward to connecting!



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